by Sumit Gupta

When we launched Tesla GPUs for supercomputing back in 2007, we had a vision that they might just change the scientific computing world forever.

Four years later, compelling validation has arrived that we were right. The new Top500 list published today includes 35 supercomputers accelerated by Tesla GPUs, including three of the top five.

Graph showing the exponential growth in gpu supercomputing as number of gpu accelerated supercomputers in the Top 500 supercomputing listThere are 14 new GPU supercomputers in the Top500 list just in the oil and gas industry alone.   Schlumberger (through  WesternGeco), Petrobras, Hess, Total and Chevron are among the major oil explorers that are using Tesla GPUs to more accurately determine where to drill.

The exponential growth in the number of GPU supercomputers in the Top500 list is one of the fastest adoptions of a new processor in the history of high performance computing.

GPU supercomputers in universities, research labs, and government labs are already leading to breakthroughs in the study of virus and bacteria, to analyze dam breaks and floods, and for predicting heart attacks.

And we’re just getting started. Next year will mark another milestone when the new Titan GPU supercomputer will be deployed at the Oak Ridge National Labs. And it looks like more GPU supercomputers will soon be on the way.