by Chris Daniel

Just in time for your 2011 holiday gaming, NVIDIA has released a new R290 beta driver with even more optimizations for one of the hottest games of 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Earlier this month, Bethesda reported that it has shipped 10 million copies of Skyrim, and Steam reported the game to be the “fastest selling title” in its history.

Download GeForce 290.53 drivers from

Skyrim optimizations in 290.53:

  • Increases performance by up to 25 percent vs. 290.36 drivers on indoor scenes (measured with GeForce GTX 560 at 19×10 Ultra).
  • Updates the NVIDIA Control Panel ambient occlusion support to a higher performance profile.
  • Adds new 3D Vision laser sight /crosshair options to better match Skyrim crosshairs.

Check out the full guide for optimizing Skyrim on

GeForce 290.53 also adds new SLI and 3D Vision profiles for several new titles. These drivers are available for both desktop and notebook GeForce GPUs running Windows 7 or Windows Vista. They are also available for GeForce desktop GPUs running Windows XP.

You can read the GeForce 290.53 article on for more information on what’s new in 290.53.

Enjoy the new R290 beta drivers. And let us know what you think in the comments below!