by Bob Sherbin

Microsoft’s high-voltage valedictory keynote at CES used a Tegra 3 tablet to show off the power and eye-catching dynamics of the new Windows 8 operating system.

A half hour into the show, sandwiched between segments hosted by Ryan Seacrest, Windows chief marketing officer Tami Reller, spent about 15 minutes on stage showing off Windows 8. She initially demonstrated using a prototype ARM-based tablet running Tegra 3, and then used another running x86.

“Windows 8 is designed to deliver a no-compromise experience,” she said. “It brings together the potential of the tablet and the power of the PC.”

Reller used the Metro interface’s tiles to flip through pictures, and a panoply of apps and images, emphasizing that Windows 8 accepts input equally well by touch, keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft CES 2012 Press Conference