by Steve Klett

To mark the first anniversary of NVIDIA’s, we’ve redesigned the site and named our picks for the Best Photos and Video of 2011.

We have to thank our enthusiastic 3D Vision community for helping shape, with user-generated 3D photos, videos, and in-game screenshots. The site’s had more than five million page views, and it now hosts more than 20,000 3D images and hundreds of 3D videos — all streamed over the Internet in stereoscopic HD.

The Best Video of 2011

You’d think that selecting one 3D video out of the hundreds posted to would be a challenge. It turns out that Video of the Year for 2011 is clearly Peter H. Chang’s Deus Ex Homine – a jaw-dropping time-lapse video shot entirely in the San Francisco Bay area. You can view the video in 3D right now with 3D Vision here. Well done, Peter — we look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

The Best 3D Photos of 2011

The 3D Photo of 2011. By Muzatko03.

Selecting the Best 3D Photos of 2011 was a bit more daunting. In the end, we constructed a gallery of 12 of our favorite 3D images from the past year, comprised mostly of previous Gold Award winners. Our top pick though was Muzatko03’s image of children blowing an enormous bubble. It highlights the ability of a 3D image to draw you in to a scene and help you truly “feel the moment”. You can view it and the rest of the gallery, here.


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