by Marco Piattelli

While the rest of Europe endures the biggest freeze in decades, the tiny principality of Monaco, on the Mediterranean, is balmy, beautiful and buzzing with news about augmented reality, 3D simulation and virtual technologies.

The 31st annual Imagina 3D Simulation and Virtual Technology Event is taking place there, and NVIDIA is smack in the middle of the action.

NVIDIA’s Eric Charriot delivered an opening day keynote to a packed audience of industry professionals and academics, where he talked about using NVIDIA Maximus technology in design and simulation. Maximus allows designers and engineers to perform graphics-intensive and compute-intensive work simultaneously on the same machine.

S.A.S Prince Albert at the NVIDIA booth

“The real advantage of the Maximus technology is flexibility and increased productivity,” said Eric, the regional director of marketing for the professional solutions group. “Allowing engineers to do multiple things at once is absolutely transformative of how work flows through an organization.”

In addition to the droves of technical experts from across Europe who have descended on the NVIDIA booth, we received a visit from European royalty.  Monaco’s S.A.S Prince Albert II swung by to find out what’s hot from NVIDIA in the world of simulation, design and rendering.

The prince spent time chatting with the NVIDIA team and checking out our demos. He was impressed by our rendering technology and our RTT demo showcasing a virtual Lamborghini store and their RealTime Raytracing technology, powered by four Quadro 6000 professional graphics workstations.

Also being showcased at our booth are 3D and simulation applications that are changing dental imagery, architecture and car design, using workstations from Carri Systems. Digisens demonstrated its tomography solution 3D reconstructions using Quadro and NVIDIA CUDA programming architecture. And  Twinmotion showed off their real-time architectural modeling and rendering software powered by Quadro.