by Will Park

Set against the backdrop of the Fira de Barcelona’s twin spires, we go hands-on with the recently announced LG Optimus 4X HD to see what the new Tegra 3 phone can do.

Mobile World Congress is proving 2012 to be the year of quad-core devices. And NVIDIA is pulling ahead of the pack with premium super phones powered by Tegra 3 – the world’s only 4-PLUS-1 quad-core mobile processor with an extra battery saver core.

So, what makes the LG Optimus 4X HD tick?

From its slim profile to its large, bright 720p HD resolution display, the phone is no slouch in the specs department. It boasts the latest version of Google’s Android operating system – Ice Cream Sandwich – and makes use of a custom UI to help organize apps and quickly toggle frequently used system settings (such as airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.).

And, with Tegra 3 powering the Optimus 4X HD, it’s got the chops to rival gaming consoles. Its 12-core GeForce GPU pushes more pixels, more polygons and higher-quality textures to the phone’s 4.7-inch TrueHD IPS display.

The video below shows it running console-quality titles Sonic 4: Episode II and Golden Arrow with aplomb.

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Enjoy the photo gallery below.