by Chandra Cheij

Today we named two more CUDA Centers of Excellence to recognize their ongoing work educating tomorrow’s programmers and scientists on the world-changing power of GPU Computing.

National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan and Germany’s Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden) join an elite group of just 16 other major institutions–- Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Harvard, Tokyo Tech and Stanford, among them — that are breaking new ground on GPU computing research and education.

The two new Centers are helping academics and scientists deliver world-changing research ranging from life sciences to database technology to human-computer iterations. And both are preparing scores of students and professionals to one day tackle the world’s biggest computational challenges.

Here’s a bit more on each Center and the work they’re doing:

TU Dresden is the first institution in Germany to be named a CUDA Center of Excellence.  The CCOE at TU Dresden combines a broad range of CUDA-driven research in the natural and life sciences from the university and other research institutes (HZDR and MPI-CBG) into a single center in the Dresden area.  Some of the GPU computing projects supported by the TU Dresden CCOE are in the areas of radiation physics, EEG signal processing using complex nonlinear algorithms, and structural physics of condensed matter.

National Tsing Hua University has one of the oldest Computer Science Departments in Taiwan and helps drive its information and communications technology industry.  Its faculty has developed courses on cluster computing and embedded systems, as well as on large-scale research projects on parallel architecture, high-performance computing, and embedded systems. Their main focus is on advanced computation and high-performance, low-power GPU-accelerated applications for embedded systems and data centers.

Both institutions are expected to advance the cause of GPU computing in science and industry in new and unique ways for years to come.

Admission to the unique and selective CUDA Center of Excellence program offers a number of benefits, including cash grants to fund research and education programs, as well as donated NVIDIA GPU computing equipment.

For additional information on CCOEs, visit the CUDA Center of Excellence website.

And, stay tuned to see how these and other CCOEs help change the world with GPU Computing.