by Susanna Tatár

Gamers in Germany have awarded NVIDIA with top accolades.

NVIDIA was selected as the “Graphics Chip Designer of the Year 2011” by readers of PC Games Hardware and also was named the “Hardware Designer of the Year 2011” in a recent Gamestar readers’ poll.

These awards reinforce the fact that gamers value mature graphics solutions capable of delivering the best gaming experience, and that the ecosystem — industry-leading support for drivers, features such as 3D gaming and GPU physics — matters.

“PC Games Hardware has carried out this highly respected award among his readers since 2002. NVIDIA has traditionally been a leader in the field of GPU design and it is also not surprising that the readers of PC Games Hardware voted for NVIDIA as the Graphics Chip Designer of the Year 2011,” said Thilo Bayer, editor in chief PC Games Hardware. “I congratulate NVIDIA on behalf of the readers of PC Games Hardware and we hope that this award is also a motivation for developing further exciting products for PC gamers.”

Gamestar asked its readers which hardware manufacturer they liked the most this past year. The community chimed in with their opinion, landing NVIDIA the distinction of being the Gamestar “Hardware Designer of the Year” for 2011.

“The GeForce GTX 560 Ti won it for NVIDIA, with its high performance, silent cooling system and good price-performance. Unlike AMD’s Radeon series, the GeForce graphics cards also support PhysX and stereoscopic 3D with the 3D Vision technology. Gamers obviously awarded NVIDIA Best Hardware Designer of the Year 2011 because PhysX and 3D Vision are not just ‘marketing features’; NVIDIA takes care to integrate them fully into games. 2011’s PhysX highlight was Batman: Arkham City and 3D Vision 2 ensures that 3D looks much brighter than before. Furthermore, the revised shutter glasses allow a much more comfortable 3D gaming experience,” said Daniel Visarius, deputy editor in chief at Gamestar. “We congratulate NVIDIA on its convincing win in the category ‘Best Hardware Designer of the Year 2011’.”

With the launch of the GeForce GTX 680 last month, the 2012 calendar year holds much promise for gamers.

What are you looking forward to seeing from NVIDIA in 2012?