by Sumit Gupta

What if every university had a computing cluster capable of delivering a petaflop of performance (equivalent to about 20,000 typical laptops)? Better yet, what if every university department – biology, chemistry, physics, and others – had one?

I’m certain that this would fundamentally increase the pace of scientific discovery around the world.

“We will award early access to this
new Kepler-based Tesla GPU to the three best

Computing is now the third pillar of science, along with theory and experimentation. Giving every researcher access to a dedicated high performance computing facility could lead to breakthroughs in renewable energy, climate prediction, the development of lighter and tougher materials, or even pave the way to find cures for some of society’s most devastating and persistent diseases.

By the end of 2012, NVIDIA will launch a Tesla GPU based on our new Kepler architecture that will enable any university in the world to build a petaflop supercomputer that will fit into nearly any university’s data center and budget.

To support this launch, we are inviting proposals from researchers around the world on what you would do if you had access to a dedicated petaflop supercomputer. We will award exclusive early access to this new Kepler-based Tesla GPU to the three best proposals we receive.

What types of studies would you conduct?  Which scientific problems would you tackle?

To enter this contest, post a detailed answer to the above questions in the comments section. Be sure to include a link to your research, if available. Or if you prefer, email your submission to  You should also include your contact information (at least email address and affiliation) so that we can reach you if you win.

NVIDIA will use the proposals to highlight the potential of petaflop supercomputing, so please do not submit anything you consider confidential.

We will announce the top three entries at NVIDIA’s upcoming GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2012) in May, and notify them directly.  Also, look for a blog post announcing the winning entries after GTC.

You can find the complete list of contest rules here.

Good luck!