by Susanna Tatár

We’re live from the annual FMX conference for animation, visual effects, games and transmedia in Stuttgart, Germany. Artists, animators, filmmakers and vFX teams from all over the world are showcasing latest trends in digital content creation at the show, and we wanted to give you a look at what’s happening at FMX 2012.

Stuttgart is well-known as the city of Mercedes Benz and Porsche. But for four days in May, the city is obsessed with the world of movies. Presentations and demos are splashed onto movie screens everywhere – from indoor theaters to the open-air screens erected in big public squares, it’s all one big FMX festival.

Massive movie screens show presentations
and demos around FMX 2012

The first FMX conference was held 15 years ago as a small “student meeting”. Today, the conference program is full of the film industry’s leading companies – DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney and Lucasfilm are at the show, and Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan sent his regards via video feed. Despite the world-class program, it’s good to see FMX staying faithful to its grassroots beginnings. The younger, hipper folks at FMX offer a great contrast to the impressive event venue with its majestic arcades, ornate columns and grand stairways.

There has always been a strong push in the Visual Effects and Animation community towards greater realism in computer generated scenes. This desire for added realism has recently spurred two distinct approaches: various forms of global illumination and physics-based rendering. This has required artists to undergo additional training, and has led to the development of new tools.

Many of these tools are now GPU accelerated, which speeds up the the production pipeline and allows artists to create more realistic scenes.

In the FMX expo area, NVIDIA is presenting a full slate of technology demonstrations by companies leveraging NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions.

NVIDIA is also hosting a variety of Tech-Talks, including presentations and panel discussions on the latest cloud-computing trends. Here is the full FMX 2012 session list.

If you are attending FMX 2012, stop by to see NVIDIA/PNY and CADnetwork showing off:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 featuring the GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback engine for Premiere Pro and After Effects
  • Autodesk 3ds Max modeling and rendering software using NVIDIA Maximus technology
  • Autodesk Maya 3D animation software with NVIDIA PhysX utilizing NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro shutter glasses technology in a 3D stereoscopic production environment.

Check out the video below for NVIDIA’s highlights from FMX, presented by Lutz Eigenfeld: