by Will Park

We thought you might be interested in getting a peek at how a keynote address is powered at GTC. Back stage in the keynote hall, it’s a world of screens and wires, the digital guts of modern presentations. And technicians dressed in black, often with headsets, who are under staggering pressure once the curtain goes up.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang on the GTC 2012
keynote stage. Mission Control makes sure
things run smoothly.

This Mission Control helps us entertain our attendees while sharing insight into very complex scientific challenges. It brings memorable demos to life. And it fuels the entire show with an unmistakable electricity. This year’s GTC is the biggest to date. Thousands of attendees. 300+ sessions and 120+ posters. And the three keynotes will sweep through a lot of territory. The world’s first GPU in the cloud was the focus of Tuesday’s keynote. Wednesday’s will focus on modeling collective behavior, such as movement of locust swarms in Africa. And we’ll wrap up with a talk on the challenges of landing a rover on the moon. Check out the behind-the-scenes photo gallery below.