by Bob Sherbin

The third GPU Technology Conference (GTC) ended Thursday much as it began – with a jam-packed keynote session, standing-room only break-out sessions and a small galaxy of schmooze-fests along the sidelines.

Indeed, the final sessions were as crowded as those on the morning of Day One.

NVIDIA used the event – which is designed to nurture the GPU ecosystem – to unveil some news of its own. It introduced two new Tesla processors based on next-generation Kepler technology architecture, one of which has more than 7 billion transistors. And it announced that it’s taking the GPU into the cloud with two initiatives, the VGX platform for enterprises to deliver virtualized desktops to any device across their network and the GeForce Grid for the delivery of flawless online gaming.

Another way of looking at GTC is by the numbers. The conference….

  • Drew nearly 3,000 attendees from 54 countries
  • Offered 340+ conference sessions in 34 disciplines
  • Displayed 120 academic posters about CUDA applications
  • Featured 100+ HPC-focused exhibitors
  • And, was filled with enough hyphenated, multi-syllabic Latinate words to baffle all but the uninitiated…

If you missed this year’s event, you can catch up on the GTC blog posts, here: Watch the video below, for NVIDIA VP Ujesh Desai’s wrap-up from the show.

Join us next year, March 19-22, for GTC 2013. We’ll be right back here at the San Jose Convention Center.