by Brian Burke

Ultrabooks have been the hot new buzzword around the industry for a while now. But what makes an Ultrabook, well, “ultra?”  The answer: NVIDIA GPUs.

It goes without saying that an Ultrabook should be ultra-thin and ultra-light. But, clearly, it should also offer up “ultra” performance.

That’s simply not available just from the low-voltage CPUs found in Ultrabooks, which are less powerful than their traditional notebook counterparts.  What you’ll need is more graphics performance to push every pixel on the higher resolution panels found on Ultrabooks.

That’s where NVIDIA’s dedication to ultra-efficiency comes in. You can find our class-defining GeForce GPUs powering the best Ultrabooks – for example, the very first Ultrabook to feature a dedicated GPU,  the GeForce GT 640M-powered Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3.

Today’s launch of dual-core Ivy Bridge CPUs will herald an influx of new Ultrabooks powered by GeForce 600M-series GPUs. We’re outfitting the sleekest, thinnest Ultrabooks with discrete GPUs, ranging from the GeForce GT 620M all the way up to lineup-topping GeForce GT 650M. That means your next Ultrabook will have no problems editing videos, retouching photos or playing games – everything will be more “ultra” when you add GeForce graphics.

Worried about long battery life with your Ultrabook? Every GeForce-enhanced Ultrabook comes with NVIDIA Optimus technology, which activates the GPU when you need performance and automatically deactivates the GPU for long battery life.

Look for more GeForce-powered ultrabooks in the coming weeks.