by Brian Choi

The GeForce GTX 680M GPU is officially ready to pull duty as our new flagship notebook GPU, and Alienware is enlisting it in their new latest M17x and M18x notebooks.

These systems will be unveiled at Alienware’s E3 2012 Expo booth in the Los Angeles Convention Center and at NVIDIA’s Computex 2012 booth in Taipei.

The Alienware M18x

The GeForce GTX 680M brings the award winning NVIDIA Kepler architecture to the highest end of our notebook GPU lineup. It delivers an unbelievable boost in performance compared to any notebook GPU on market, thanks to the incredible power efficiency Kepler-based GPUs.

But the GeForce GTX 680M isn’t just a “frames per second” beast. It also features the world’s most advanced gaming technologies. We’re talking industry-defining technologies like:

  • Lightning-fast anti-aliasing in a huge variety of games with NVIDIA FXAA.
  • All-new TXAA smoothing technology that delivers the ultimate combination of image quality and performance.
  • NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync, first introduced on our desktop Kepler GPU’s, automatically adjusts VSync to eliminate screen tearing.

Best of all, this great performance and gaming technology can be had with our automatic, battery-saving NVIDIA Optimus technology. Great performance when you need it. Great battery life when you don’t.

If you want the fastest notebook GPU on the planet, you want the GeForce GTX 680M. Order it today in a new Alienware M17X, with NVIDIA Optimus or NVIDIA 3D Vision. Or, if you want dual GeForce GTX 680M GPUs for the fastest notebook graphics solution available anywhere, the M18X is the true gaming king you’re looking for.

Also, look for GeForce GTX 680M from MSI and from custom system-builders like Ava Direct, Origin, and Maingear.