by Rene Haas

Apple continues its long-streak of jaw-dropping product launches with today’s introduction of two new MacBook Pro notebooks.

The all-new next-generation MacBook Pro model dazzles the eyes with a stunning 15-inch Retina Display, the highest resolution ever for a notebook. It’s sleek and thin, with a battery that lasts all day. And, to get energy-efficient performance to power its 2880×1800 Retina Display, Apple chose the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M notebook GPU.

The NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M provides up
to 60 percent faster graphics performance
than any Apple notebook before it.

Based on the next-generation NVIDIA Kepler graphics architecture, the GeForce GT 650M offers unprecedented performance and extreme energy efficiency, giving it the muscle to process the 5,184,000 pixels in the next-gen MacBook Pro’s ultra high-resolution display. The GeForce GT 650M is not only up to the task, it maximizes power efficiency along the way.

Apple also launched the new MacBook Pro, a revamp of the current 15-inch MacBook Pro design with updated hardware that also includes a GeForce GT 650M GPU.

Apple has raised the bar dramatically in notebook graphics with their amazing Retina Display and has once again demonstrated that the world’s best notebooks have NVIDIA GPUs.   That combination will bring unprecedented image clarity to MacBook Pro users everywhere.

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  • wardexter85

    Awesome 😀 i’ve always wanted my macbook to have a powerful graphics chip….take my money already apple!!!

  • Travis Shields

    Do you think it will be long before Adobe will qualify this for CUDA processing and the Mercury Playback Engine?

  • bonsai_in_SF

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this! Well done, NVIDIA and Apple!

  • Steve Towle

    As soon as Adobe confirm that Mercury PLayback Engine WILL use the 650M CUDA Cores for accelerated effectts then I’ll buy one….  Come on Adobe tell us!

  • Rene Haas

    Thanks for your question, Travis. We’re very excited about what Adobe has done with CUDA acceleration for CS6, but we’ll have to look to Adobe to be the ones to comment about any platform qualification of these new MacBook Pro models.

  • Rene Haas

    Thanks for your support, bonsai 🙂

  • Sebastian Niţu

    Do the new Macs use the Optimus Technology?

  • Rene Haas

    Hi Sebastian. That’s a good question. Apple actually uses their own set of battery saving technologies. Unfortunately, we will have to ask that you go to Apple for further details. 

  • John Hartquist

    Agreed – these computers look awesome!  Just graduated with a computer science degree and I can’t wait to get one of these as my new portable workhorse.  

  • Crunch

    I JUST ordered the new MacBook Pro with the NVIDIA Kepler chip. How sweet it is…I have been waiting for a LONG time for IPS to come to the notebooks from Apple.

    In typical Apple fashion, IPS was but a footnote, as the real stunner is the 220ppi “Retina” display. Now every display has IPS LED-backlit nits shooting out from the 3.5″ iPhone 4 all the way to the 27″ Thunderbolt display and everything in between. (pending MacBook Air refresh if you want to get technical about it)

    I couldn’t bring myself to drop over $650 more for the higher-end model, which would have afforded me with a 300MHz faster base clock, along with the same 300MHz Turbo Boost speeds. L3 cache also the same at 6MB. The only other difference is an extra 256GB Flash “SSD” storage, which I simply don’t need.

    300MHz CPU bump, same 3rd gen Ivy Bridge Quad Core i7. Did I do the right thing or should I cancel and pay an extra $650?

  • Peter Lee

    New MACBOOK pro with Nvidia GT650M that is what I am waiting for…
    but I have a big question:
    Does new MACbook pro support Nvidia 3d Vision?
     I mean connecting to 
    a 120hz monitor through HDMI…

    Why I asked this quesiton?
    You cannot open 3dvision on  Normal Laptop with Optimus Technology…

  • rfnv

    argh. do you have on whether it uses optimus under windows 7?

  • kaellar

    Amazing laptop we have here indeed. Apple did great job, and I’m really glad they used kepler graphics for it.
    I have just one question. Will Apple use their own (pretty bad) gpu drivers (as they did with previous AMD chips) or will Nvidia refresh Mac OS drivers to date? Would be really nice to see greatly optimized full-feature set drivers for Mac OS from ya!

  • Will Park

    Hard to say, depends on your needs. Either way, color me green with envy for your new MBP! That thing should be a monster!

  • Rommel Bhargava

    can 3rd party code applications to make used of 3d vision technology 

  • Peter Lee

    Hi Rene, 
    Does the new Macbook pro support 3d vision? I mean connecting to 
    a 120hz monitor through HDMI…

  • JJ Chalupnik

    I really want apple to work with you guys at NVIDIA to fix the Open GL drivers on the Mac OS.  They are so out of date and without DX11 it is really depressing to work with 3D realtime graphics on the mac, even one this powerful.  Any chance that is coming soon?

  • Rene Haas

    Hi Peter, that’s actually a very good question. 

    FYI – the MacBook Pro’s display is not 120Hz, but we’ll have to defer to Apple as far as exact refresh rate. You can get 3D Vision working on 3DTVs that support HDMI 1.4, or use a 3D Vision monitor (which also supports HDMI 1.4 3D modes) – but you’ll have to do this via BootCamp using Windows.

    Please keep in mind that NVIDIA has not tested this new MacBook Pro model at this time.  

    Hope this info helps!

  • Peter Lee

    Thank you very much for your reply. Of course I will use 3d vision monitor through HDMI. I really hope you could find a solution for 3d vision on the normal laptop with Optimus technology.

  • Aaron McQuaid

    Hello Rene,

    Will the new Macbook Pro support optimus technology under bootcamp? This has long been a sore point for people who use windows on the macbook pro:


  • Peter Lee

    I am also interested in it…but as Rena Haas replied, we can activate 3d vision under WIN7, that means not Optimus, because there is a conflict between Optimus and 3D vision..

  • WoodyPWX

    Hello there,

    I recently bought a Mac Book Pro retina. Really powerfull hardware that is also portable. The GT 650M is awesome! I tried Win7 using bootcamp, but 2880×1800 with custom DPI is not supported by many application a looks horrible. So I tried lower 16:10 resolutions, but everything is blurred as hell :-/ So what if I use exact half resolution 1440×900 many ppl ask? I tried that, created a custom resolution as it is not in the list by default, but it’s blurred as well. Could we turn of bi-linear filtering (or whatever is responsible for that effect), so it is possible to work under Win7 on a MBPr ?