by Gary Rainville

When NVIDIA released the 3D graphics demo Dawn in 2002, it dazzled the eyes with extraordinary detail, seamless curves and lifelike expressions of the fairy it depicted.

Ten years on, NVIDIA has resurrected the intriguing sprite in a forested wonderland with the release of A New Dawn – a new demonstration of advanced 3D graphics techniques and technology enabled by Kepler-based GPUs.

As incredible as the original Dawn demo was – many of today’s games have yet to realize characters with the same level of detail – it also reflected the limitations of then-current hardware. Dawn’s hair was a solid block that lacked movement, her skin was more plastic than realized flesh, and the scene’s backdrop was nearly static wallpaper.

The new Dawn lives in a rich, magical world made possible by more powerful GPUs that are easier to program. Her lush forest home is rendered in the finest level of detail, and she boasts tens of thousands of strands of silky, flowing hair framing her supple, human-like flesh.

Check out the video below to see the new Dawn in all her glory.

A New Dawn will be available later this month. Head over to GeForce.com for more details.