by Steve Klett

At the just-wrapped E3 Expo, game developer Namco thrilled hip-hop loving fans of its Tekken series by announcing that the “Doggfather” of hip-hip has recorded the title track for its upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 title. Better still for Snoop Dogg’s fans, a special Snoop-themed fighting stage will be featured in the game.

And that’s not all…

NVIDIA has partnered with Namco to produce an exclusive 3D version of the music video of the game’s title track, “Knock ‘Em Down.” In case you missed its national broadcast debut in 2D on the Black Entertainment Television cable network earlier this week, 3D Vision users can enjoy the world-exclusive 3D version of the video below or at 3DVisionLive.com. (Note: you need to have 3D Vision hardware in order to view this video in 3D)

In the Knock ‘Em Down music video, Snoop hosts a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 house party. Two party-going gamers end up butting heads and eventually face off in a Tekken-style Kung Fu battle as onlookers — including model/actress Adrianne Curry – play the game to keep their clothes on.

Is this just another typical night at Casa de Snoop Dogg?

Fo shizzle!