by Matt Wuebbling

On the heels of the Google Nexus 7 tablet introduction, another groundbreaking mobile device powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 processors was announced Wednesday when Fujitsu unveiled Arrows X, the first quad-core LTE smartphone available in Japan.

Combining the awesome processing power of Tegra 3 and the lightning-fast LTE internet connection on NTT Docomo’s Xi network, Arrows X comes packed with a 1280 x 720p screen, one-seg TV tuner, Felica, fingerprint sensor and Fujitsu’s own Human Centric Engine.

Arrows X shown in Black, Blue and White

To top it off, Fujitsu’s new flagship device is water- and dustproof.

At the launch event, Hideyuki Saso, corporate senior executive vice president at Fujitsu Limited, said his company intends to keep its mobile phone market share crown, led by the Arrows X with the Tegra 3 providing the performance and power savings that’s perfect for Fujitsu’s top-of-the-line device.

NVIDIA’s Steve Furney-Howe, Vice President, Japan, Worldwide Sales, then got on stage to talk about NVIDIA’s growing worldwide collaboration with Fujitsu on PCs, workstations, GPU servers and now smartphones. Steve outlined how Tegra 3 delivers what users want: great performance and amazing battery life. He added, “At NVIDIA we don’t just deliver a fast chip, we are working with hardware and software partners to deliver amazing user experiences like TegraZone games.”

NVIDIA's Steve Furney-Howe presents the Tegra 3-powered Fujitsu Arrows X quad-core LTE phone
Steve Furney-Howe on stage at Fujitsu’s
Arrows X unveiling

Following Steve, Katsumi Takada, president of the Mobile Phones Unit at Fujitsu Limited, explained how Tegra 3’s unique 4-PLUS-1 architecture automatically uses only the cores needed to provide an excellent user experience when performance is needed, and stays on ultra-low power when idle thanks to its fifth battery-saving core. Mr. Takada then wowed the audience with a demo of the game Beach Buggy Blitz THD, optimized for Tegra 3 and connected to a big screen to show off the console-quality gaming that’s possible on the device.

Expected to be available from NTT Docomo this summer, Arrows X, powered by Tegra, is a great example of how network speed and processor speed are quickly advancing the mobile industry.

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  • James Peters

    The big question is, can it be imported and used in the US?

  • Matt Wuebbling

    Hi James – We are working hard on Tegra 3 + LTE phones for the US market. This specific Fujitsu phone is focused on Japan’s Docomo LTE work, but it’s a good proof point that shows the benefits of Tegra 3 and LTE workings seamlessly together.

  • rsinj

    Only a matter of time before Apple realizes that they have to put nVidia in the iPad because it blows the doors off their homegrown processors.

  • http://twitter.com/thepunter2 the punter

    hope the padfone 2 has this 🙂
    plus Ubuntu for android has well 😀

  • James Peters

    Hmmm. So it’s not CDMA then? I’m planning to study in Japan for a couple years, and I was hoping I could grab this phone to use before and while I am there.

  • bjorn6

    Verizon’s phone work in Japan on the CDMA network but the data is only at 1x edvo speed. If you want a phone that works in Japan it’s best to buy one in Japan.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ks.raghunandan KS Raghunandan

    Who makes the radio baseband for this phone?

  • rndtechnologies786

    I think it is very