by Steve Klett

The first winner of 3DVisionLive.com’s monthly photo contest, Nick Saglimbeni’s Warehouse Wonderland stands out for its technical merits, composition and flat-out eye-catching beauty.

Nick Saglimbeni holding his NVIDIA 3D Vision Live photo champion award.
Nick Saglimbeni holding his NVIDIA 3D Vision Live
Photo Champion Award

The arresting shot quickly accumulated more than 11,000 views, standing out amid the site’s growing gallery of more than 30,000 stereoscopic 3D images.

Now, Nick’s other remarkable contributions to the site and his commitment to sharing more of his content with the 3D Vision Live community have earned him NVIDIA’s first 3D Vision Live Photo Champion award.

Warehouse Wonderland was Nick’s first submission to 3DVisionLive.com, an online community where 3D enthusiasts enjoy, talk about and share 3D content. His next submission, Kim Kardashian’s Wild West, (in 2D below) was the site’s first celebrity 3D shot and made Nick a two-time winner of the monthly contest. His image of Stan Lee posing with Spider-Man is another must-see pic.

As our inaugural champ, Nick’s work will be featured regularly on 3DVisionLive.com, starting with a gallery of new images that you can view in 3D (and 2D). Also, Nick is sponsoring a weekly 3D photo series, which kicks off today and will be updated on Fridays.

Kim Kardashian in the first celebrity 3D image for 3DVisionLive.
Kim Kardashian’s Wild West, 3DVisionLive.com’s
first celebrity 3D image

Nick is an avid proponent of 3D and co-publishes one of the premier 3D publications, World’s Most Beautiful. Working out of his Slickforce studio in Los Angeles, he has photographed more than 100 magazine covers and national campaigns for Skechers, Sears, Urban Attitude, and many others. His work has also been featured on Larry King Live, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, E!, The Soup, Inside Edition and Photoshop User.

You can read more about Nick and view more of his images at www.nicksaglimbeni.com.