by Mike Han

The group that brought Wi-Fi to the world will soon introduce their Miracast wireless display standard – enabling mobile devices to stream video and audio directly to large HDTVs without the need for cables or an existing wireless network.

The Wi-Fi Alliance expects to launch the Miracast wireless display certification program within the next few months. It will be an open standard, so any mobile device or display manufacturer can implement the technology. That means any Miracast-certified device can instantly stream to any Miracast-enabled display.

And NVIDIA, as a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, isn’t just supporting the new standard. We’re  embracing it.

We’re bringing the outstanding multimedia capabilities of Tegra to wireless displays. We’re working hard to enable features like sharing photos and streaming HD movies onto HDTVs.  But, we won’t stop there.

At the heart of every Tegra chip is a high-performance CPU and GPU, which means you can use Tegra to play amazing games on the big screen. We’re not just talking about flinging Angry Birds but racing a super-charged jet ski in the game Riptide THD and playing heart-pounding first-person shooter games like Shadowgun THD. You can even take mobile gaming to the next level by pairing a Tegra device with a console controller for the ultimate wireless display experience.

We’re actively working with our OEM partners and Miracast receiver vendors to bring this technology to market. Once the Wi-Fi Alliance ratifies the Miracast spec, we’ll provide more updates.

In the meantime, take a look at the video below about how Tegra can enhance the Miracast wireless display experience. For even more technical detail, feel free to read the Miracast wireless display whitepaper (PDF 216 KB).