by Gary Rainville

On the desktop. In the cloud. Via mobile devices.

NVIDIA’s latest technology for accelerating visual effects and content creation pipelines will have professionals covered “here, there and everywhere” – which just happens to be our theme for this year’s SIGGRAPH, kicking off next Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Come experience for yourself the compelling new technology we’re demoing at this big international conference on computer graphics and interactive technologies. We’ll be in adjoining booths 735 and 634 at the L.A. Convention Center from Aug. 7 – 9.

For the desktop, we’ll be showcasing solutions that offer maximum visualization and computational performance for increasingly demanding professional applications. See how engineers, designers and digital-content creators can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency with the world’s highest performance visual computing architecture.

In the cloud, our demonstrations of NVIDIA VGX technology, announced earlier this spring, will show where graphics technology is headed.

And for those on the go, some of the latest Tegra 3-enabled mobile devices will demonstrate how professionals can access their workflows without compromise, wherever they are.

Across all three days of the show, we’ve scheduled a full lineup of demos and presentations from industry partners covering the latest in workstation professional graphics technologies.

In addition, on Wednesday, Aug. 8, we’re hosting eight interactive “Tech Talks” in the West Hall of the L.A. Convention Center (in Meeting Room 503), exploring the impact of GPUs on state-of-the-art CG and interactive design. Topics include GPU programming, computing and virtualization, advanced ray tracing and rendering, and what’s new with CUDA.

If you can’t make it to L.A. next week, you can view many of our theater presentations via live-streaming on our website, and concurrently on www.cgsociety.org.

Check us out at the show, and add theater and Tech Talk sessions to your calendar now at the NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH website.