by Liz Austin

Four nonprofit groups doing transformative work in China, India and Ghana have each been awarded $50,000 grants by the NVIDIA Foundation, our employee-led global citizenship organization.

The High Impact Grant Program is one of the Foundation’s biggest and most popular initiatives. From nominating organizations they’re passionate about to reviewing grant applications, our employees are engaged every step of the way.

Since 2008, the program has awarded $750,000 to 17 organizations.

This year, our colleagues nominated 90+ organizations from 16 different countries, with proposals ranging from sustainable development in Ecuador’s rainforests to college-prep classes for disadvantaged kids in Silicon Valley.

More than 40 employee volunteers reviewed these proposals, and narrowed down the field to 10 finalists. Votes from 2,000+ NVIDIANs were cast and counted, resulting in the four 2012 High Impact Grant Program recipients below.

High Impact Grant Program-Asha For Education in India

Asha For Education – Asha Darshan (India)

Asha Darshan promotes basic education for children and helps women form self-help groups in an impoverished rural community in India. To raise the community’s standard of living, Asha Darshan provides schools with educational materials, midday meals, vocational training and healthcare services. Our grant will fund programs at 12 schools for the next three years.


High Impact Grant Program-Hrudaya Cure A Little Heart in India

Hrudaya Cure A Little Heart Foundation (India)

At any given time in India more than 200,000 children need surgery for congenital heart disease, a rampant problem in the country. The Hrudaya Cure A Little Heart Foundation gives poor children with such conditions a fighting chance to lead healthy lives by providing access to health care. Our grant will support 43 heart surgeries, improving the lives of entire families, which can then focus on their livelihoods and other children.


High Impact Grant Program-Humanity First in Ghana

Humanity First (Ghana)

Humanity First USA serves disaster-struck and socially disadvantaged communities globally by strengthening people’s capacity to help themselves through human development projects. Our grant will enable Humanity First to refurbish broken-down wells in 125 impoverished communities in Ghana’s Upper East Region, benefiting 37,500 people.


High Impact Grant Program-Sheperd's Field Children's Village in China

Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village (China)

Abandoned by their parents, special-needs orphans from across China are sent to Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village. It provides care, rehabilitation and training to increase the opportunities for special-needs orphans age 14 and older, who aren’t adoptable due to restrictions in Chinese law. Our grant will complete the funding needed to construct a 30,000-square-foot vocational training center for 150 teens.


We’ll keep you informed how these four groups are using the funds to help those they serve through a six-month report.