by Susanna Tatár

Cologne, a picturesque 2,000-year-old German town on the banks of the Rhine, is being overrun by close to 300,000 gaming-mad youth from around the world.

They are participating in Gamescom, the world’s biggest gaming show, where the best gaming clans from across the globe meet and lock horns in several merciless tournaments.

All the big game developers and publishers show their newest titles here. Last year more than 550 companies from 30 countries presented their latest titles and gaming hardware.

Attendees have the chance to play unreleased, previously unseen games – although the price can be high. Last year, dedicated fans waited in line for up to six hours to claim their 30 minutes of gameplay with the then-unreleased Battlefield 3 and Diablo 3.

This year is shaping up to be another feast of gaming goodness, with developers and publishers showing a handful of highly anticipated titles that are coming later this year. Many of them include NVIDIA GeForce technologies to give users the most amazing gaming experience.

Watch the video below for a report from Gamescom from my colleague, Ben, including peeks of Crysis 3, Borderlands 2 and Hawken.

[Feature photo: Koelnmesse]

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  • agika8008

    when will be hawken released???

  • SusannaTatar

    The release date is not confirmed yet. We will ask the publisher what is their latest estimated date.

  • Sarah Pedersen

    Ohh I would love to be at Gamescon, but unfotunately I don’t have the money for the journey to Cologne this year. I will save some money for next year because I live in Denmark, so it’s that far away, and heck I love to game on my gaming rig with 3D Vision. I got the GeForce GTX 690 and with your 3D Vsion, that’s how it’s meant to be played on a new level^^ I have a question about the gamescon. Is it possible to see your 3D Vision? If yes, people will have to DRAG me away from watching / using it. They already have a proplem where I live dragging me away.

    I really which to see you in real life, but America is so far away : (
    But nonetheless it could be awesome to see how you make your graphics cards.

    Do you have any date for when the next architecture of your GeForce chip is released? I’m saving up for it, I must have it to my collection of NVidia cards hehe. 

    When will you sell some of the cool stuff, I mean the apparel of course. We are a lot of people in Europe who wants that kind of stuff to show our passion and support for you. I live in a city and see a lot of people every day. When people ask me about a new graphics card I always recommend NVidia, because gamers deserve the best of the best 😀

    Sorry about the long comment, but I had to let you know how much I love the work you do. And I really appreciate it 😀

  • fawad007

    whats the releasing date..???

  • Andrew Burnes

     11/11/11 is the target date.

  • SusannaTatar

    Thanks, Andrew! 🙂

  • SusannaTatar

    Hi Sarah, many thanks for your kind words, we appreciate your support and it is great to see your enthusiasm for our products and technologies. The best way to get in touch with our company would be via our Facebook pages in Europe (depending on what languages you speak :)). We have several Facebook pages in Europe, an English language page, a German page, a French page!/NVIDIAFrance etc. On these pages the NV colleagues have a direct conversation with the fans and also regularly carry out fan events in our European offices.