by Will Park

The latest Tegra-enhanced Android game is here, and it’s ready to teach you how to “Buggy.”

Learning how to Buggy is simple. First, grab your Tegra-powered Android device. Then, head over to TegraZone or the Google Play Store and download the new Beach Buggy Blitz gaming title.

In Beach Buggy Blitz, you tool around immersive beaches in your upgradable beach-craft while trying to collect as many gold coins as time allows.

Example of dynamic lighting.
Dynamic lighting makes the scene more immersive.

To do the Buggy, put your device out front and tilt it from side to side. Dodge obstacles – pelicans and boulders and giant crabs, oh my! – fly off bridges and ramps, and artfully maneuver your way around competing racers along sandy racecourses. Add a little of your own racing style and show your friends how you do the Buggy.

The game developers at Vector Unit – the same folks who brought us Riptide GP and Shine Runner – created interactive beach scenes and various power-ups to help you on your coin-collecting missions. Gold coins give you the wherewithal to purchase in-game vehicle and character upgrades (different buggies and characters offer various performance benefits) as well as power-ups like speed boosts, damage shields, coin magnets and additional time on the clock.

Tegra 3-powered devices get graphics enhancements that include realistic object physics, real-time vehicle shadows, motion blur, water splash effects and dynamic lighting. Check out the side-by-side photos above and below to compare the Tegra-enhanced version of Beach Buggy Blitz with the non-Tegra version.

Find more Beach Buggy Blitz info on TegraZone, and download it from the Google Play Store today, and do the Buggy some more …