by Sumit Gupta

Nearly one-third of the top 50 supercomputers in Russia, including the two fastest systems, get most of their computing capability from NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, according to the latest Top50 Russian supercomputers list from the Russian Supercomputing Consortium.

Russia has been making large investments in high performance computing to fuel the growth of its economy through better science and technology. GPU computing has been growing right along with it.

In fact, just two years ago there were no GPU-accelerated systems among the country’s top 50 supercomputers, as shown in the chart below.

Top 50 Supercomputers in Russia.
Source: Russian Top50 Supercomputer Website.

Over the last two years, GPU-accelerated systems have been the only category to consistently grow, while other categories have steady lost ground. Other highlights from the new list include:

The use of GPUs to accelerate science and engineering is widespread in Russia. Most major universities and institutes in the country teach parallel programing with CUDA GPUs and scientific research programs around GPUs. The scientific applications accelerated by GPUs range from cancer research to space exploration to aircraft engine design.

Computing has become the third pillar in scientific discovery, along with theory and experimentation. By democratizing supercomputing, GPU-accelerated computing has helped countries such as Russia, India, Brazil and China catch up to the U.S. and Europe, because even small GPU systems deliver the performance of leading supercomputers in these regions.