by Irina Shekhovtsova
The team in Moscow
The team in Moscow.

Cross-cultural communication can be a little difficult. Sometimes things can get a little mixed up in translation. Technology can bridge those gaps. So can art.

So when Anton Miroshnikov created a mural for our Moscow office as a tribute to one of our favorite video games – after we moved into new digs to accommodate our growing research and development team — a lot of people took notice.

A YouTube video showing the creation of the mural — inspired by a character from one of our favorite video games, Crytek’s Nomad — got more than 55,000 views.

We liked this wall a lot, too. Especially the guys who test pre-release builds of new games right in front of it. Our colleagues who worked in other parts of the office were jealous. So we asked Miroshnikov back to paint the wall in the common recreation area where we play mini football (or as its known in the United States, ‘foosball’).

Take a look.

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