by Will Wade

Talk about agile business and eyes glaze over. Talk about what real businesses are doing, and things get more interesting. Here’s one example: Toyota Boshoku, which builds interior systems for car makers. The company has engineers scattered all over the world.

Toyota Boshoku didn’t want to make engineers working on different machines, in different offices, work with separate copies of the same design. So they chose to use IBM’s SmartCloud Engineering Desktop.

IBM lets Toyota Boshoku give the same digital tools to engineers wherever they are, allowing them to work together on a single design housed on secure servers in a single data-center. That system is based on Citrix XenDesktop with HDX 3D Pro, running on NVIDIA’s GPUs.

The security benefits are obvious: engineers can access confidential plans without moving design data from the data center to local PCs. The real story here, however, is productivity: engineers working in far-flung factories can not just access their engineering data; they get flexible, powerful workstation capabilities wherever they go.

We’re working to accelerate this trend with the launch of the NVIDIA VGX K2 GPU. This new solution is built for the cloud. Based on NVIDIA’s power-efficient Kepler architecture, the VGX K2 will offer two of these Kepler GPUs on the K2 card, each with 4 GB of graphics memory, patented remote display technology to minimize lag and double the user density.

The new technology will be supported by Citrix’s CitrixReady partner ecosystem, an effort aimed at meeting the surging demand from companies such as Toyota Boshoku for systems that provide secure access to 3D design applications anytime, and anywhere.