Kick-Start Your Career With Free Parallel Programming Course

by Calisa Cole

For people with the right skills, there will always be high-paying, intellectually stimulating jobs.

Making more accessible the skills that employers need most is key. So online education startup Udacity is working with NVIDIA and other technology companies to provide free technology courses to people around the world.

The first class we’re creating with Udacity is an “Introduction to Parallel Programming,” led by David Luebke, who helped found NVIDIA Research six years ago, and John Owens, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC Davis.

Students will learn to use the CUDA programming model, take part in hands-on exercises and test their knowledge with quizzes – all delivered online via (what else?) cloud-based GPUs. The course kicks off early next year, but you can enroll today at

Check out a brief description of the course here:

Plus, if you want to quickly visualize a new algorithm or program, you’ll be able to do it right in your browser thanks to new computational tools Udacity is integrating into its courses through a partnership with Wolfram Research, creators of the technical computing software Mathematica and the online search and answer engine Wolfram Alpha.

“Technologies change quickly, and universities can be slow to react,” said Udacity’s Andy Brown. “We’re working with companies like NVIDIA to close the gap between the skills graduates have and the skills employers need.”

We expect the “Introduction to Parallel Programming” course to be a boon to students, researchers and people already working in industry, so sign up today!