Finding the Best Windows RT Games Just Got Easier with TegraZone

TegraZone continues to be the ultimate gaming destination for mobile devices, pointing Android gamers to the hottest Tegra-optimized titles along with gaming news and reviews.

And with NVIDIA Tegra-powered Windows RT tablets and notebooks now available, Windows RT gamers can now look to our TegraZone app as the one-stop shop for all their mobile gaming needs. TegraZone for Windows RT features the new Windows 8 interface and is now available to download for free on all Tegra-powered Windows RT tablets and notebooks via the Windows Store.

TegraZone for Windows RT launches with a number of games already available in the Windows Store including: Judge Dredd vs Zombies, Pinball FX 2, Reckless Racing Ultimate, Riptide GP, Soulcraft (pictured, above), Space Ark, Sprinkle, and Vendetta Online.

These Tegra-optimized titles offer special features not found in the standard versions, including HD characters and environments; realistic physics effects such as water, smoke and cloth; as well as dynamic lighting and particle effects.

NVIDIA offers one of the largest developer relations teams in the world – a dedicated support team of over 100 employees to help Windows RT and Android developers create games that take advantage of the ultra-efficient power of the quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

Tegrazone running on Windows RT.
TegraZone on Windows RT offers a steady stream of Tegra-optimized games. 

This unmatched developer support is an NVIDIA tradition carried over from our GeForce team.  Through app support, tools delivery, and extensive QA, the net result is console-quality experiences for gamers on-the-go.

With over 6 million downloads for Android devices, TegraZone is primed to make a splash on Windows RT tablets. Be sure to download it from the Windows Store.

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  • Andrew Benton

    Is this app available for full Windows 8?  I would like to have access to these apps.  

    I tried searching for ‘tegra’ on the windows store and I came up with nothing. 

  • CSRedRat


  • Diogo Reis

    I would also like to know if it’s possible to get it on full Windows 8. I Have a tablet/laptop hybrid with win 8 and although it’s not tegra powered, i would still like to be have access to the sweet tegra zone games!

  • #knickstape

    nice job

  • Will Park

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Will Park

    We think so too 🙂

  • Sagar Rawal

    I’d think that the apps showcased in the TegraZone app would be compiled for ARM, not x86, (but I am merely making an educated guess) and therefore would not work on your PC.

    You can check out the ‘Games’ page of to learn about the latest PC games for your Windows 8 PC:

  • Will Park

    Lemme get back to you on these questions, folks. Sit tight!

  • Will Park

    You’ll need a Windows RT device in order get the TegraZone app.