Project SHIELD Helps You Ride the Android, PC Game Wave

by Tony Tamasi

We announced yesterday Project SHIELD, an Android device designed for gaming.

It expresses our philosophy that gaming should be based on open platforms, where games can be enjoyed in a range of models – from free-to-play up to premium, blockbuster titles.

The business model that stems from this means we’ll make our money by selling the device to gamers. (And we hope, by the way, that they’ll love it.)

This differs from the razors-and-razor blades approach, which isn’t just used by Gillette and Schick. Printer-companies use it, as well, making money from highly profitable ink. So do game-console companies, who primarily make their profit from premium games.

This time-honored approach isn’t the one we’re taking with Project SHIELD.

Project SHIELD will let you ride the wave of Android free-to-play games from any beach – or anywhere else – you choose. And it can stream titles from your gaming PC, untethered, from anywhere in the house.

Our goal with it is to design and sell a truly great piece of hardware, one that fits comfortably in your hand, delights your eyes and blows out your ears.

We want to help game developers keep you happily entertained with the magic that they dream up. We’re not looking to create a walled garden of software, even if it sprouts some gorgeous games.