Why We Can’t Help Playing With Project SHIELD (Video)

by Brian Caulfield

We can’t stop playing with it.

Project SHIELD – our Android gaming device that’s taken CES by surprise this week – is a joy.

It works like the gaming controller you already know. It runs on the same Android software that powers hundreds of millions of the phones. Even the ports are familiar: it’s equipped with Micro HDMI and Micro USB outputs and a microSD card slot.

NVIDIA's Ujesh Desai kicks back with Project SHIELD.
NVIDIA’s Ujesh Desai kicks back with Project SHIELD.

But it’s open for just about anything. It streams PC games. It plays titles from Google Play and NVIDIA’s own TegraZone mobile app stores. And it serves it all up on a high-definition 5-inch screen or the big screen television in your living room.

Little surprise, then, that a few of us at NVIDIA have been kicking back with the early builds of these devices to get a little time in on our favorite games .

Watch the video, below, for a guided tour from Ujesh Desai, our vice president of corporate marketing, as he takes a break from the big show.