Awards Stream in at CES for Project SHIELD and Tegra 4

CES is only in its second day but awards are streaming in for Project SHIELD, the show’s runaway hit, as well as our NVIDIA Tegra 4 mobile processor.

Project SHIELD has been named the show’s best product by several important publications, while a number of other outlets won’t announce theirs until Thursday.

The jury verdict so far for Project SHIELD:

  • Ubergizmo and TechnoBuffalo: “Best of CES” awards
  • CNET: “Best of CES” award finalist (award out Thursday)
  • Popular Science: “Product of the Future” award
  • LAPTOP Magazine: “Best of CES” finalist
  • Stuff magazine: “Hot Stuff” award.

Tegra 4’s also getting its share of attention.

Popular Mechanics gave NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 mobile processor an “Editor’s Choice Award.” Its editors said they were impressed not just with Tegra 4’s power, calling it a “beast,” but by its versatility, thanks its optional 4G LTE modem and ability to take HDR photos in an instant.

LAPTOP Magazine also named Tegra 4 a “Best of CES” finalist.

In addition to Project SHIELD, CNET has nominated four other products built using our processors for its “Best of CES,” awards: the Toshiba Qosmio X875, the ASUS Transformer AIO, the Razer Edge and the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27.

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