Meet Tegra 4: When Fast Just Isn’t Fast Enough

by Will Park

With Tegra 3, we redefined what it meant to be fast. With Tegra 4, we’re showing why last year’s definition of fast just isn’t fast enough.

Previously known by its codename “Wayne,” Tegra 4 is the world’s fastest mobile processor. Yet it consumes less power than Tegra 3. It features a game-changing 72-core custom GPU, a quad-core A15 CPU and LTE through an optional chipset.

What does all this extra computing power mean to you? For starters, it means lightning-fast web browsing, one of the most used features on a smartphone.  At our CES press conference on Sunday, we demo’d Tegra 4 smoking the Nexus 10 by nearly 2x. Compared against the Kindle Fire HD, it’s up to 3.5x faster.

Real Boxing game being played on a Tegra 4 device.
A winning combo: Tegra 4 and “Real Boxing.”

Then there’s unrivaled mobile gaming. Mech fighting game “Hawken” will deliver city-shattering battles; “Real Boxing,” will offer Tegra 4 exclusive features and the nonstop pugilistic action;  and “Dead Trigger 2” will be filled with frenetic zombie-battling action.

Incredible photo capability is a third big feature, with outstanding HDR imaging. The Tegra 4’s power provides the ability to show great detail in both bright and dark areas by enhancing a single high-resolution frame – rather than relying on elements from multiple snapshots — enabling real-time HDR previews, no-lag HDR photos, HDR photos with flash and even HDR video.

The only thing our new processor doesn’t do quickly is chew through your battery life. Our second-generation Battery Saver Core makes Tegra 4 up to 45% more power efficient than Tegra 3.

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