Four Cutting-Edge Mobile Games That Will Rock On Tegra 4

Like a zombie onslaught, the news from NVIDIA at CES keeps coming.

We introduced the world’s fastest mobile processor with Tegra 4. We put gaming in the cloud with our new GeForce GRID technology.  And we captured headlines with Project SHIELD, the world’s first gaming portable for open platforms.

We haven’t said enough, though, about the lineup of next-gen Android games that take advantage of Tegra 4’s power.

Let’s fix that and take a peek.

Screen shot of Hawken.HAWKEN
Developer & Publisher: Meteor Entertainment

HAWKEN for Android debuts on Project SHIELD. The multiplayer mech first-person shooter debuted on the PC last month to great acclaim, and on mobile it will be as intense as ever. The gameplay is fast-paced and strategic, letting you command a heavy-duty mobile war machine in city shattering battles.


Screen shot of Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin THD.Blood Sword: Sword of Ruin THD
Developer & Publisher: OneQ Soft

Another exclusive announcement at CES, Blood Sword is an action-packed role-playing game set in an ancient, magical world. This gorgeous looking game includes high resolution textures, dynamic shadows, normal maps and realistic smoke and fire effects.


Screen shot of Real Boxing.Real Boxing
Developer & Publisher: Vivid Games

The hit mobile game “Real Boxing” is coming to Tegra 4 with exclusive and upgraded features. You’ll feel every jab, uppercut and hook to your opponent. Customize your boxer and partake in mini games to get some practice before getting in the ring with the big boys.


Screen shot of Dead Trigger 2.Dead Trigger 2
Developer & Publisher: Madfinger Games

The sequel to the eye popping “Dead Trigger” is coming to Tegra 4 and looks even more beautiful than its predecessor. Enemies and weapons are bigger and badder than before. Dodge cars being hurled at you by life-sized monsters and use turrets to take down the beasts. The streets are still packed with brain hungry zombies so you’ll have to rely on your handy arsenal of weapons to take them out.


If you’re at CES, make sure you stop by at the NVIDIA booth to check out these games.

And if you’re not, we hope you’re consoling yourself with some gaming. If you have a chance, let us know what has you most excited and why….

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  • Deadlocked007

    Maybe the games will actually be released too….

  • Ken-evert Wahlmann

    how about making it run some actual popular games?

  • Marcos Felipe

    Muito massa! Tá aprovado já podem vender.

  • Joshua Nizeti-Panebianco

    well it’s going to be able to stream games from your pc like far cry 3, crysis 3, ect ect, so yeah i think you will be able to play some popular game on it.

  • ssj12

     Hawken is bad ass.

  • Ken-evert Wahlmann

    I know i can stream games to it but it’ll not work to well when you’re not home. And you get portable devices to play them when you’re not home because it’s much better to play on your actual system than having it streamed onto a handheld 5″ screen…

  • Kieran Warren

    please at least make some semi-decent versions for tegra 3 dont just forget about it like tegra 2

  • Hassan Anjum

    Indeed it is. The first time I saw it playing on our Project Shield my jaw dropped!

  • Hassan Anjum

    Hi Kieran – thanks for the note. We’re always working with developers to provide great experiences where possible. Stay tuned to TegraZone for up to date information on games supported for your Tegra device.

  • Hassan Anjum

    Hi Deadlocked007 – which games are you looking forward to?

  • godrilla

    Nexus 7 with Tegra 4 and 1080p display for $199 please. stat.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Which mobile game are you looking forward to most?

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Couldn’t have said it better…  ;-).

  • Brian_Caulfield

    What games do you play’? What games would you like to see most?

  • Julio Cesar Fagundes

    ai esse e da hora muito bom mesmo 

  • Julio Cesar Fagundes

    muito bom, eu quero alguem me da um ai

  • Hassan Anjum

    LOL! I like the sound of that. What are tablet you rocking now? What are your favorite TegraZone games?

  • godrilla

    I only own a phablet note 2 and I really want a tegra 4 device with 1080p display but at an affordable price though.

  • Ryan Williams

    Some gameplay video of blood sword

  • Christian Manzanedo

    The ads depict screenshots of skyrim, you will be able to play it? Will games such as skyrim be able to run independently on the hand held? Will there be more than one version of the product, one for affordability aand one for performance?

  • jon ward

    so if i down load an n64 emulator on my pc and want to play it with shield would it work

  • Cody McG

     Exactly..I would rather play it on my PC with my giant monitor or projector. Why do I need a handheld version of everything?

  • Hassan Anjum

    With Project Shield, you’ll be able to wirelessly access your GeForce GTX powered PC. And yes that means you’ll be able to play Skyrim from your computer on your couch with ultra-low latency. For more information check out

  • Hassan Anjum

    thanks for posting this. Make sure to stay tuned to for the latest trailers when they come out!

  • Edward Chung


  • Hassan Anjum

    Make sure you get on the notification list at for the latest information.

  • Loel Yakovic

    i hope EA made sims 2 for tablet

  •,0.html Radoslaw Sobieranski

    Poland –  Nvidia od Tegra 3 aż do Tegra 6 Co rok potrafi udowodnić Swoją Siłę na
    Rynku Mobilnym To co robią jest niesamowite mam ogromny do nich Szacunek
    od Kierownika do Pracowników tak samo do osób którzy Przyłączają się do
    Firmy Nvidia oraz Osób którzy piszą na stronach internetowych oraz na
    You Tube Ten Rozwój Nowoczesnej Technologi Jest Niesamowity Potrzebny
    warto go do docenić to przecież jest robione dla nas byśmy mieli radość z
    Gry i nie tylko to są Specjaliści którzy bawią się technologią
    najlepsi eksperci Szczerego Serca Życzę Firmie Nvidia oraz wszystkim
    którzy współpracują Sukcesu na Rynku z Dużym Szacunkiem z Poważaniem
    Radosław Sobierański ze Słupsk

  • Sagar Rawal

    PC vs handheld Hawken….drool!

  • Mark Davidoff

    I would love to be able to install the streaming software on my Transformer Prime and use my PS3 controller. Release this software as a paid app, Nvidia (or better yet, as free for Tegra users)?

  • lalit kumar

    You can find more interesting games is here..

    see :