Project SHIELD Still Racking Up Awards

Project SHIELD, the breakout hit of CES, continues to rack up awards.

Mobile Geeks and Gotta Be Mobile both presented NVIDIA with “Best of Show,” awards for Project SHIELD Friday. PC Pro named SHIELD one of CES 2013’s Greatest Hits. Pocket-lint called Project SHIELD the show’s “Best Gadget.” And Computeractive named Project SHIELD the “Best Gaming Device” at the show.

Mobile Geeks, Gotta Be Mobile and Computeractive join Popular Science, LAPTOP Magazine, Stuff, Tech Radar, and TechnoBuffalo who have all recognized SHIELD.

Since we unveiled SHIELD Sunday evening, the Android gaming device has been mentioned in hundreds of news reports, and our booth has been swarming with gaming enthusiasts eager to learn more. More than a thousand people are visiting our booth on the show floor every hour.

In addition to Project SHIELD, CNET presented its “Best of Show Award”  to the Razer Edge, a gaming tablet built using NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 640M LE.

The Edge also won a CNET “Best of CES Award,” in the gaming category, and CNET’s “People’s Voice,” award, which is determined by visitors to CNET’s website.

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  • bm2i

    Great Job Nvidia well done 

  • jipe4153


    Project shield is a great product that could potentially replace so many things in my home 😉

    Here is an ergonomics improvement tip:

    – Issue: Users will have a difficult time just using just the touch screen (no controller) since the controller will restrict space for your hands, which means you loose some of the tablets ease of use.

    – Solution: Make it so that the screen can rotate 180 degrees and be folded down on top of the controller, hence the user can still put his fingers under SHIELD holding the regular controls and meanwhile using his thumbs or index finger navgigare on the touch screen. This way you can get the best of both worlds!


  • Sarah Pedersen

    I’m so excited about this project and I really look forward to buy this cool gadget in Denmark. I have been looking for a device like project Shield for a very long time now. I really love your products and the work you do for the environmen, very awe inspiring. It makes me feel good everytime I buy one of your awesome products. NVidia ftw as always! 😀

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Keep that feedback coming. Thanks!

  • Sagar Rawal

    This looks like it will replace both my tablet, PS Vita, and computer chair!
    Excellent work NVIDIA!