Taking a Tour of NVIDIA’s Bustling Booth at CES (Video)

Join us for a quick walkthrough of the NVIDIA CES 2013 booth.

Decked out in NVIDIA Green, our CES booth has become a must-see stop at the show, with a thousand visitors coming through each hour to take in the state-of-the-art in mobile, gaming and automotive technologies.

Our booth tour starts with NVIDIA GRID. Packed to the gills with 240 GPUs, the NVIDIA GRID Gaming system bundles 20 GRID Game Servers to stream PC games to any TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone with no noticeable lag. Think of it like Netflix, for games.

Next up, we have GeForce Experience. It’s a tool that analyzes your PC hardware to determine the optimal settings to deliver the best possible gaming experience. And, with one click, it automatically configures your games for the highest performance.

On the automotive side, our booth features two NVIDIA Tegra-powered cars: the Tesla Model S and the Audi S7. Both rock Tegra processors to power their infotainment systems that control vehicle functions, multimedia playback, Google-based GPS navigation and more.

Finally, we end our tour with our latest mobile technologies. Project SHIELD – our new gaming portable for open platforms. We’re drawing throngs of attendees eager to catch a glimpse of the future of gaming. And we’re showcasing the power of the Tegra 4 mobile processor at the booth with a web page load-time demo that blows away the competition.

Enjoy the booth tour video below.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=3201543 Vladimir Glavtchev

    Great summary. Quick and effective. 

  • Sarah Pedersen

    I like the idea you use cars instead of babes / women. It’s about the technology, not the women. Tegra 4 is something I would definitely have a new mobile with that CPU, since I’ve heard about the power in this CPU and the graphics too. As soon as the project Shield comes to Denmark I’m grabbing one for some excited entertainment, since it’s so boring travelling alone. Thanks for these new innovations. NVidia ftw!

  • chris johnson

    I would like to see project Shield be a success.  I didn’t go to CES, but I don’t see some things that seem like they should be incorporated.  Foremost, it seems to me that all of the horsepower of the device needs to be in the flip top, and the device needs a standardized detachable controller so that when a new controller interface comes along one doesn’t need to purchase a new Shield.  There needs to be inexpensive wi-fi (or equivalent) only controllers that interface the Shield to support local multi-player.  It would be nice if any one of these could host the Shield portion of the device.  It needs a wi-fi (or equivalent) HDMI stub to interface the TV so that the controller is wireless when using it to interface at TV.  User’s don’t like wired controllers.  It needs a swappable battery pack that can be bought as a bundle, or a better battery life.  Die hard gamers play more than five hours straight and they will be most interested in this device — this could be covered by being able to swap the Shield to a charged backup controller.  Seems like an LTE interface option would be nice as well. 

      — Good luck NVIDIA.

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the support!

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Keep that feedback coming. Thanks!

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Glad you liked it!

  • shuiebalradee

    I am amazed from what Nvidia is doing and hope all better development for better future 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/augustas.saldaitis Augustas Saldaitis

    Can Nvidia grid stream games on ultra settings ?

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    It sure can!

  • http://blogs.nvidia.com/ Will Park

    Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/augustas.saldaitis Augustas Saldaitis

    thanx 🙂

  • Sagar Rawal

    Very cool…I wish I could’ve attended CES! 😛

  • Augustas Saldaitis

    Does Nvidia grid support TXAA or GPU boost 2.0?