Project SHIELD: ‘Real Boxing’ Gonna Knock You Out

by Will Park

Boxing games have come a long way since Little Mac put up his dukes and took on the likes of Don Flamenco, Glass Joe, Mr. Sandman and, of course, “Iron” Mike Tyson.

Vivid Games’s Real Boxing brings in-the-ring action to life on mobile devices. The game was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the gaming goodness packed inside the Tegra 4 quad-core processor and its 72-core GeForce GPU.

With the unveiling of Project SHIELD portable– winner of numerous awards at this year’s CES – we’ve ushered in a new breed of gaming. Real Boxing has been finely tuned for Project SHIELD’s console-grade controller – delivering ultimate control to the player.

And the unique multi-screen gaming feature gives your ringside friends a new way to share in the experience.

Project ShieldWhat you get are enhanced textures, increased poly count and animations, per pixel specular and true depth of field.

Real Boxing takes you through an extensive career mode with over 20 opponents – each with their own fighting style.

You’ll customize your character, earn points and hone your skills through mini games like skipping rope, working the heavy bag and perfecting your timing on the speed bag.

So whether you have a sparring partner or not, be on the lookout for Real Boxing to deliver a swift right hook on Tegra 4 devices – including Project SHIELD – in the coming months.

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