Project SHIELD Has The Need For Speed (Most Wanted)

by Will Park

The NVIDIA Project SHIELD Team has an almost insatiable need for pure, unadulterated speed. So, we thought it was fitting that we demonstrate Need For Speed: Most Wanted streaming to the device from a GeForce GTX-enabled PC.

We tucked a Tegra 4 mobile processor and its custom 72-core GPU into Project SHIELD portable to satisfy our addiction to unrivaled Android gaming. Then we made it work with your GeForce GTX-powered PC to play all our favorite high-performance PC games. The result: an uncompromised gaming experience in a truly portable device.

What you see below is our latest Project SHIELD: PC Mondays video. In this episode, we show off the visual eye candy that is Need For Speed. The PC’s GPU is doing all the graphics heavy lifting, allowing us to run the game with all the graphics bells and whistles enabled.

And, of course, Project SHIELD sports dual analog control sticks for steering input, and trigger controls for throttle and braking. So gameplay is smooth and intuitive.

Check out the video below and let us know what you want to see in future PC Mondays videos.

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  • Zackary Heystek

    Kinda dissapointed. already seen this game played

  • Yannick Ghozland

    can you test it with some fighting like street fighter, some air plane games too like ace combat, and some ation game like DMC (devil may cry) or batman?
    thanks in advance!

  • Will Park

    Thanks for the feedback. We’ll do our best to accommodate 🙂

  • Patrick Cadona

    Hi Will, just a question in general. With playing games remotely from a PC is it only Steam games that can be played or can it also be standalone games?

  • Tom Fomah

    When is device gonna be retailed especially in the UK? We’ve had so much hype about it that we tired of all the marketing and need the reall stuff like now!

  • Cory Gunther

     Hey Will, Cory here from SlashGear and AndroidCommunity.

    I know what will get the PC crowds going crazy. Let’s see Project SHIELD playing Crysis, the ultimate test! haha

    “But can it play Crysis” kidding!

  • Patrick Cadona

    but is it only Steam games that play on it?

  • Will Park

    Cory! Good to see you on here.

    I’m not going to give too much away here, but stay tuned for our upcoming PC Mondays video. 🙂

  • Patrick Cadona

    I need to know the facts on this, will it play any games i have on my M18x and from what distance?

  • Will Park

    No it’s not. Project SHIELD works in conjunction with GFE (GeForce Experience) on your GeForce GTX-powered rig to detect your games. For instance, NFS was streamed from Origin in this video.

  • Will Park

    See my answer above, Patrick 🙂

    Hope it’s a helpful answer!

  • Will Park

    Hi Tom. We are not ready to talk about UK availability just yet. Make sure to sign up for email notifications at and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest info!

  • Ørjan K Lønningen

    I’d like to see it try to handle DayZ
    ah ha ha eh
    oh wait the PC is running it oh, smart move

  • manny bard

    Is it mandatory for streaming to have a gtx 650+, or can you use different cards with more net power, i.e. GTX 460 oc sli?

  • Yan Verde

     I was wondering the same thing, I have a 470Gtx and would be interested in the shield only if I don’t have to buy an other videocard with it….

  • Jon McLaren

    If it can handle BF3, and Mass Effect, it can handle DayZ, but yea it doesn’t matter anyways since it’s running on the pc.

  • Tony Battista

    Hi Will,

    What about being able to play games from remote locations?  Is it possible or will it be possible and how is the latency issue going to be resolved for that?  Thanks!

  • Colton Schwach

    you have to have a 600 series card.

  • Monty Vizard

    I have an ATI card will i need a nVidia card to use this fine piece of tech?

  • Patrick Cadona

    Damn, i have two 580’s 🙁 

  • Patrick Cadona

    ohh cool, then all i will need to do is upgrade my 580 cards to the latest one 🙂

  • Jamie O’Connor

    I’m really excited by this device but seriously it all comes down to the price.
    I’m not going to spend massive amounts of money on something that has such a small screen when I can buy a 10 Inch tablet for the same amount of money.

    Is the Nvidia streaming going to be exclusive to this device or will you release an app later on for all android devices to use this feature. 

    I like the idea but if it’s over priced I will continue doing what I have been doing for years and that’s actually taking a break from the game as recommended.

  • Sergey#Mostov

    2 экрана!? куда глядеть то!? WTF

  • Jonas Engebretsen

    there`s one thing that worries me. by only making the streaming function work with 600-series cards, owners of 500-series cards may feel that nvidia has left them out. of course this may hurt sales as well as customer loyalty.

    i think i may have the solution to this problem. how about offering a discount on 600 cards for buyers of the project shield. not only will this help sell the shield, but it will also improve customer loyalty. i know nvidia doesnt sell cards directly so it could be difficult, but if they were to pull it off, it would benefit us both 

  • Will Park

    That’s an interesting idea, Jonas. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Will Park

    Hi Jamie. The PC streaming feature will be exclusive to Project SHIELD and GeForce GTX GPUs.

  • Will Park

    Yes you will need a GeForce GTX GPU. Good question, Monty. 🙂

  • YouAreAnIdiott

    So if we have a PC with 600 series cards (I have two 660ti in sli) but aren’t particularly interested in a handheld… would we expect to see nvidia to release a streaming direct to TV with other devices (think something like wireless HDMI streaming but optimized for gaming and GTX 600 series cards) You have the tech clearly, this could possibly be a more affordable alternative to people not interested in a handheld experience but to complete their PC-to-living room entertainment setup.

    I enjoy gaming at my PC but some days I’d like to sit on the couch and use my TV as well and my consoles are outdated and my PC is located to far from my TV

  • Sagar Rawal

    Very cool.  One question: Will NVIDIA push game profiles via the GeForce Experience with optimal streaming settings and optimal controller/gamepad settings for games users can stream from their PCs? 

    Also, I think it’d be handy to have a streaming experience rating similar to the 3D Vision ratings NVIDIA provides for PC games.

  • Will Park

    Yep, you’re right that you can actually stream the PC game to Project SHIELD and then connect Project SHIELD to a big TV via HDMI. 

    As for a standalone streaming-only device, we don’t comment on any unannounced products.

  • Will Park

    For PC to SHIELD game streaming, currently you will need to be within the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. We’ve optimized our WiFi tech to reduce latency to unnoticeable levels.

  • Patrick Cadona

    Very true, but unless someone can fit a 600 card in my Alienware M18x R1 i wont be buying a Shield (i have two 580m cards in SLI in it and a 600 series card is not possible as an upgrade), its a shame as i was 100% certain i was going to buy a Shield when it came out… 🙁

  • Joshua D’Agostino

    Would it be possible at some time to use Shield with a GTX 570?

    I have huge interest in Project Shield but I do not plan on upgrading my GPU until the 7xx series is announced and is affordable…

  • Alonso Perez Gonzalez

    Can I have this with a GTX 560?

  • Jamie O’Connor

    I know this is a bit late will 

    But when you say exclusive to Geforce GTX GPU’s does this mean that any device outside of Nvidia would actually be able to stream with a Geforce GTX GPU’s

    Also Is there any information you can give me on a Uk release date because I have been drip fed for months on this product and I know the american release date is june and I just don’t think I can wait any longer ha ha 

    By the way, I work in a PC shop here in the UK and have not stopped talking about project shield since it was revealed and what it will offer to customers and my work colleagues have had to endure this for months. I highly recommend Nvidia because I get the concept of the shield and how good it would be for us older guys who have family commitments and can’t sit down in front of a desk for hours on end.