NVIDIA and Elemental Help Bring Video Content to Millions of TVs, PCs and Mobile Devices

by Keith Wymbs

Keith Wymbs is vice president of Marketing at Elemental Technologies, the leading supplier of video solutions for multi-screen content delivery.

Today, we’re announcing our next generation platform  for video processing to help deliver rich video content on demand to a variety of devices, including PCs, tablets and smart phones. Major media brands including Comcast, HBO and ESPN all use Elemental gear to bring premium multiscreen content to viewers on any device, anywhere, and at any time.

Elemental pioneered the use of GPUs to optimize video streaming over IP networks, and we continue to innovate with new technologies designed to take best advantage of parallel processing architectures.

Our new architecture harnesses the power of the latest NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators based on the Kepler architecture.

Multiscreen Services Skyrocket

Today’s news comes as pay TV operators, content owners and broadcasters work to expand their infrastructure to deliver multiscreen video.

Multiscreen services are becoming critical to all these markets:  Consumers are expected to double their IPTV subscriptions by 2016, according to market-researcher Infonetics. iPads and other smart tablets are seeing breakout sales. Sixty-five percent of US households will watch 58 billion hours of TV and video on the devices by 2017, according to market research firm TDG.

Video infrastructure spending will reach $1 billion by 2016, Infonetics says.

The secret sauce for successful multiscreen deployment: flexible software built on high-performance, programmable hardware.

By using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, Elemental is harnessing the most powerful programmable architecture on the market today, and offering customers unmatched video quality with products that continue to set the standard for large-scale video processing.

Together, Elemental video processing solutions and NVIDIA GPUs support technologies vital to delivering the high-quality viewing experience consumers expect now and in the future.

Already, the match has the support of industry leaders:

Comcast Cable video quality and reliability VP Dave Higgins says “the migration path Elemental offers has allowed us to significantly increase our video transport quality and efficiency as the market demand for multiscreen video continues to grow.”

And, ABI research director Sam Rosen sees the combination as providing a bridge to media deployment architectures of the future.

Ultimately, end users benefit from the innovative solutions NVIDIA helps Elemental to deliver. Dozens of brands already have our new platforms deployed in production environments and are positioned to give viewers access to more premium content than ever before, on their terms.