NVIDIA Brings Android Development to Visual Studio with ‘Nsight Tegra’

by Stephen Jones

You’re in a strange kitchen. You’re asked to prepare a moderately complex ceviche recipe. You have 10 minutes to create the dish, or all that fresh fish gets fed to Fluffy. Where are the knives? Can you find the zester? And who organized that spice rack? If only you were in your own kitchen.

Many developers feel this way when they start developing for Android. Most are comfortable with the Microsoft Visual Studio “kitchen,”  but struggle to work efficiently in the Android development environment. NVIDIA Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition gives these developers a familiar set of tools to code for Android.

While Android offers powerful development tools, it doesn’t necessarily keep the silverware in the same drawer. This is particularly true for game developers transitioning from PC and console game development to mobile games. At NVIDIA, we want developers to focus on creating compelling gameplay and content, not wasting cycles in search of the sharpest paring knife.

To help, we’re introducing NVIDIA Nsight Tegra 1.1, Visual Studio Edition for all registered developers free of charge.

NVIDIA Nsight Tegra 1.1, Visual Studio Edition

Here’s why: 90 percent of game developers creating AAA game titles for the PC, XBOX 360, Playstation, Wii and even some mobile gaming platforms use Microsoft Visual Studio to help manage the development process.

Nsight Tegra brings a complete native Android Development environment into Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. That allows developers to create Android applications without having to give up the Visual Studio development environment they already know.

“Having a solid debugger has already been a godsend”, said Simon Morris, Technical Director at Strawdog Studios, “and I have far more confidence now that we will be able to have stable software builds and memory use under our control.”

Development tools need to get out of the way and allow you to do your job. Nsight Tegra makes this possible, allowing you to quickly and easily bring console-quality games to Tegra.

Join the Tegra Registered Developer Program to download and try Nsight Tegra for yourself.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a quick nod to Mentor Embedded for delivering the underlying bits enabling this capability within Nsight Tegra. The experts at Mentor Embedded have been delivering custom SDK and tooling solutions for a variety of end applications for Android and embedded Linux. Please join us in a joint webinar to learn more about Nsight Tegra: http://go.mentor.com/2oj9f.

Watch the overview video or simply join the Tegra Registered Developer Program to download the Tegra Android Developer Pack and try Nsight Tegra for yourself.