Wield the SHIELD: With ‘Dead On Arrival 2’ the End of the World Never Looked So Good

by Jordan Dodge

Think you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

Put your survival chops to the test in the fast-paced, Zombie-survival mayhem of Dead on Arrival 2 on our Project SHIELD portable.

Dead on Arrival 2 fires up mayhem-spewing weapons to take on hordes of the walking dead.

Custom-built blasters like a fire-spitting minigun and a room-clearing rocket launcher ensure you’ll be properly armed.

You’ll fight for your life in an industrial playground filled with deadly traps and even deadlier enemies.

Project SHIELD, powered by the Tegra 4 processor, is helping N3V Games crank the zombie-blasting to the max.

Tegra 4-specific enhancements include dynamic shadows, real-time object and ragdoll physics, ultra-realistic blood splatter and incredible lighting and post-processing effects.

With Dead on Arrival 2, one thing is certain; the end of the world never looked so good.

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