Wield the Shield: Zombie Mayhem Comes Back to Life with Project SHIELD

by Will Park

Ever mow down a wild horde of zombies and then have to clean the bits from your grill? Late last year Zombie Driver THD launched for Tegra 3-powered devices and mobile gamers were introduced to pure zombie carnage.

But what happens when the next generation of mobile gaming hotness comes to life? The undead get deader on Project SHIELD.

Exor Studios is giving Zombie Driver THD a full HD overhaul, delivering a ton of mind-blowing optimizations.

When the game comes to life with Tegra 4 enhancements later this year, the 72-core GPU will power real-time dynamic lighting, per-pixel shading with custom per-material specular masks, custom blood splatter and double the zombies.

So whether you’re new to horde blasting, or you’ve already introduced the walking dead to the taste of asphalt, Zombie Driver THD will give you a screaming good time on Project SHIELD.

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