How Phoenix, the Tegra 4i Reference Phone, Will Bring Awesome Features to the Mainstream

by Will Park

The newly-announced Tegra 4i is ready to bring the power of Tegra 4 to the mainstream with integrated 4G LTE connectivity. And Phoenix will lead the charge.

Formerly known as Project Grey, Tegra 4i is our first quad-core mobile processor to boast an integrated 4G LTE modem. To help our partners bring Tegra 4i-powered phones to market, we created Phoenix – the Tegra 4i Reference Phone. Phoenix is a fully-functional smartphone with a 5-inch 1080p display, 13-megapixel camera and integrated 4G LTE.

In the video below, we take a look at the hardware and technologies that make Phoenix possible. It takes full advantage of our second-gen PRISM 2, Direct Touch and Chimera Computational Photography Architecture, which enables instant, lag-free HDR photos, HDR videos, HDR panoramic photos and tap-to-track object tracking.

Thanks to the Tegra 4i chip, and its 60-core GPU, the handset is 2x more powerful than Tegra 3, while boasting greater battery life, faster web browsing and compatibility with the stunning visuals available in Tegra-enhanced games.

Better yet, we’ve tweaked the Tegra 4i architecture to make the chip smaller and more efficient than the competition, allowing us to pack all its tech into a package just 8mm thin.

Check out the video below to see Phoenix in action.

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  • Sagar Rawal

    Very smart of NVIDIA to diversify its product offerings away from the ultra high-end.

    Hopefully with the smaller package size and integrated LTE, Tegra 4i accelerates the pace of design wins for NVIDIA.

  • Vincent Aulia

    what about the battery life though?

  • Jesse Brandao

    The real question is if in the future I’ll be able to flash Ubuntu Phone OS on one of these things. The idea of a future where I can get home, dock my phone and play 1080p videos on a larger screen, play some game I was in the middle of, or get some work done all on my phone, is just awesome.

  • Eric

    I would dump my S3 for the Phoenix in an INSTANT!

  • Michelle Goh

    Tegra 4 is definitely a WIN! 

  • Will Park

    Thanks! We think so too 🙂

  • Will Park

    You could always rock both phones 🙂

    But yeah, that’s pretty much the same move I’d make!

  • Will Park

    The architecture optimizations in Tegra 4i make it more efficient per watt, giving it better efficiency than competitors. Tegra 4i also makes use of our battery – saver core. This will translate into even better battery life.

  • Jefferey Oertel

    i saw some lag.when he showed the game xp

  • Will Park

    Thanks for the comment, but what you may be seeing is likely not dropped frames. The game actually “shakes” the screen when you connect with a solid punch, to help give the feeling that you/opponent got rocked by a good hit.

  • Eric

    Will it ever be available for purchase?
    Or maybe a nice freebee 😀

  •,0.html Radoslaw Sobieranski


    Poland  – Supersmartfon  Nvidia Phoenix zapowiada się niesamowicie od razu
    mi się spodobał to jest na pewno dobry kierunek twierdzę że zostanie doceniony
    na rynku mobilnym z Dużym Szacunkiem z Poważaniem Radosław Sobierański ze

  • Rohit Raizada

    is it avliable for buying in india and price range ?

  • Marcos Oliveira Dbq

    when will launch? when it arrives in Brazil just want to have them in my hands hahahaha beautiful smartphone

  • Sean Wicha

    Where can I buy this?????

  • Mr xu

    I want to know when the mobile phone market