Take a Walk on the Mobile Side at NVIDIA’s Mobile World Congress Booth

by Matt Wuebbling

We promise no sangria or tapas, but if you can’t be at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress this week, here’s some consolation: a video walk on the mobile side through our booth.

You’ll find our freshest quad-core mobile processors, LTE modem, GRID cloud gaming systems, Project SHIELD portable, and NVIDIA auto technologies.

This is the first time we’re showing how each technology in the NVIDIA ecosystem innovates and complements the others.

With our GRID Cloud Gaming system, for example, we’re showcasing how we use GPUs to stream games to your Tegra-powered tablet or phone, PC  and smart TV.

Our booth at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

We’re also showing how our Tegra 4-powered Project SHIELD plays the best Android games, and streams the latest PC titles from your GeForce GTX-powered PC.

And to demonstrate Tegra 4’s media streaming, we’re streaming 4K-resolution movies from Tegra 4 reference tablets via HDMI to an 80-inch 4K TV. To round it all off, we’re featuring the latest games and apps on Tegra devices.

Then there’s our just-announced Tegra 4i mobile processor. It’s NVIDIA’s first mobile system-on-a chip with an integrated 4G LTE modem. You’ll see the demos we’re showing of it being used to live stream 1080p video, 100Mbps LTE data transfers – and, of course, the newest TegraZone games.