Five Big Things We Brought to This Year’s Mobile World Congress

by Matt Wuebbling

We’ve been in a headlong rush keeping up with NVIDIA’s Tegra mobile processor business. So, with Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, nearly behind us, we thought it would be worth recapping our latest news.

There’s been a lot of it:

  • Tegra 4 performance details were unveiled — prompting the press to hail it as “screamer”
  • Tegra 4i (aka Project Grey), our first mobile processor  to include integrated LTE connectivity, was announced
  • Phoenix, our Tegra 4i reference phone – which promises to help our customers create superphone features at mainstream prices – was launched
  • A boatload of key endorsements came in from customers, partners and developers — including a commitment from ZTE to build a new phone, and Toshiba to build a new tablet, using Tegra 4
  • Our Chimera Computational Photography Architecture, supported by our entire family of Tegra 4 processors, uses some of the same computational imaging technologies relied on by deep space telescopes and spy satellites to deliver a bundle of new features, including the ability to take high-quality, high-dynamic range photos and videos with a single flash.

So if you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the past few weeks, consider yourself caught up.

The tale behind these headlines, however, is more interesting. That story is about much more than performance numbers.

It’s about putting new capabilities into the hands of developers like NV3 Games, TickTock Games and Exor Studios – who are among those building amazing new content for Tegra customers.

It’s also about innovationsthat deliver a better user experience, like Chimera and our power-saving PRISM 2 technology.

There’s more coming. We invite you to follow us on, visit us at or download the TegraZone app for your Android tablet for the latest news from NVIDIA — and the latest games from our partners — in the months to come.