MotoCzysz Aims For Land Speed Record With Boost From NVIDIA

by Andrew Cresci

You’ve won the most prestigious race for electric-drive motorcycles three years in a row. Now what? Do you improve battery cooling? Make more efficient motor controllers? Refine the aerodynamics?

MotoCzysz, an engineering firm that designs, builds and races custom-made electric motorcycles, takes on all these challenges and more in their ongoing quest to be the best in the world. And to stay ahead of the competition, they’ve been using our new Kepler architecture-based NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and NVIDIA Maximus technology.

The Portland, Ore., firm’s latest goal is to create a hyper-aerodynamic bike capable of setting a new land speed record. Constant improvements and refinements of every aspect of the motorcycle will get them there.

MotoCzysz was an early user of a Maximus technology-based system that combined a Quadro K5000 GPU with an NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU – built on Kepler, the world’s fastest GPU architecture. It gained a huge boost in productivity when designing in SolidWorks 2013, the application in which MotoCzysz does 90 percent of its design work and that is optimized to run on the Quadro K5000.

The Quadro GPU lets MotoCzysz use SolidWorks to see every detail of a bike, without lag, and tweak the design as needed. Meanwhile, the Tesla GPU processes ray-tracing from Bunkspeed Pro and performs all the rendering and simulations in the background.

“The reason why the NVIDIA Quadro K5000 makes sense for us is because we can create fully rendered images of a bike before we actually build it,” says Nick Schoeps, senior engineer at MotoCzysz. “A major manufacturer might make several passes, create a physical clay model, and then make further refinements to the design. With our small staff and budget we need to do it all in one pass.”

Design professionals working with complex models – or anyone who wants to feast their eyes on some of the coolest-looking motorcycles around – will want to watch the video below showing NVIDIA technology in action at MotoCzysz. You can also read more about the latest Kepler-powered NVIDIA Quadro GPUs in our press release.