Wield the Shield: Riptide GP 2 Makes a Splash on NVIDIA’s Project SHIELD

by Will Park

Our friends at Vector Unit are taking their supercharged jet -ski racer to the next level with Riptide GP 2. And this wild water race is making an even bigger splash on the Tegra 4-powered Project SHIELD portable.

In this sequel to the original Riptide GP title, the splashes will be wetter, the waves and jumps bigger, the twists and turns faster, and the graphics cranked up even higher. That’s all thanks to the Tegra 4’s 72 core GPU, as you zip through canals, rivers and futuristic cityscapes.

Specific Tegra 4 enhancements for this fan favorite include full game controller support, enhanced water and particle effects, HDR lighting, boosted reflection shaders and the all-new spectator mode made possible by Project SHIELD.

All we can say is get your wetsuits ready for this one, folks, because Riptide GP 2 is going to be far from dry.

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