Tegra 4, Tegra 4i Win Praise From Leading Semiconductor Analyst Firm

by Matt Wuebbling

Our Tegra 4 family of mobile processors has won praise from The Linley Group, one of the industry’s leading semiconductor analysts.

Not only did the Tegra 4 compare favorably against Qualcomm’s current offerings, according to analyst Kevin Krewell. It also appears to have an edge over Qualcomm’s forthcoming Snapdragon 800.

“Tegra 4 delivers outstanding benchmark results, showing off its considerable capabilities,” Krewell wrote. “These results seem to have caught Qualcomm by surprise.”

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The Tegra 4i also offers impressive performance.

“Other integrated quad-core chips will fall far short of Tegra 4i.” analyst Linley Gwennap wrote. “In fact, the new chip is closer to Tegra 4 than to Tegra 3 in performance.”

But the 4i’s real edge comes thanks to a tightly-integrated LTE modem placed on the same slice of silicon — or die — as the Tegra 4i’s powerful quad-core processor.

“The Tegra 4i die is about half the size of the [Qualcomm] 8974, making it difficult for Qualcomm to compete on price using this die,” Gwennap wrote. “This situation should give Tegra 4i an advantage in mainstream phones.”

“By bringing Tegra features and performance to lower price points, the new processor is an attractive alternative to Snapdragon.”

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