5 Hot Startups Take Awards at Emerging Companies Summit

by Alain Tiquet

Bio-inspired vision systems. High-performance finance analytics. Automatic image correction. These are just a sampling of the breadth of innovation on display from the 15 startups participating in the GPU Technology Conference’s Emerging Companies Summit.

Five of the most promising companies bagged “One to Watch” awards, splitting a pot of $85,000 worth of prizes, at a sumptuous party concluding the event. Winners included:

  • Fluid, makers of a cloud-based, on-demand virtual merchandising suite that incorporates product customization and 3D dynamic imaging.
  • Morpheus Medical, creators of the first non-invasive heart disease diagnostic tool.
  • Oculus VR, originators of a virtual reality headset for immersive, stereoscopic 3D gaming.
  • Splashtop, providers of high-performance remote desktop applications, and the first two-time winner of an ECS award.
  • SynerScope, inventors of an extreme-scale analytics tool that let users easily explore huge data sets using interactive images.

NVIDIA’s Jeff Herbst, who serves as VP of business development, welcomed attendees from around the world to our fourth annual Silicon Valley showcase for startups that are using the massive computing power of GPU technology. The companies also included those engaged in mobile computing, game development and cloud-based graphics.

ECS One to Watch award winners
Five companies nabbed One to Watch awards at ECS 2013.

From the rapid-fire “CEO on Stage” event – where execs made their best pitch to a panel of expert investors, analysts and tech leaders, who then grilled them on details – to panel discussions, ECS offers a place to share ideas, network and learn within the GPU ecosystem.




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  • 金伟 邱

    nvidia各位辛苦的,我是做建筑设计的,最常用的软件有sketchup,用的是Q4000显卡。发现咱没有针对win7 64位的优化驱动,是否可以开发一下,万分感谢

  • 金伟 邱

    nvidia各位辛苦的,我是做建筑设计的,最常用的软件有sketchup,用的是Q4000显卡。发现咱没有针对win7 64位的优化驱动,是否可以开发一下,万分感谢

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZCFY3CK4UMYTJ2IXQAZURLLSA4 A

    translation for those who can’t read Chinese: Every one in Nvidia, it has been hard on you. I am an architect and as such I frequently use a peice of software called Sketchup. I have a Q4000 card. I believe that the driver is not optimized for Sketchup on a Win7 64 bit computer. Can you please release a driver which resolves this issue? Thanks a million!

  • Brian_Caulfield

    Thanks for the feedback. Will pass along!