New GeForce Game Ready Drivers Boost ‘BioShock Infinite’ Performance by up to 41%

BioShock Infinite launches tomorrow and promises to be an exciting third installment to the award-winning franchise.

GeForce gamers today can get ready for a great Day 1 experience with BioShock Infinite by upgrading to our new GeForce 314.22 Game Ready drivers. These drivers are Microsoft WHQL-certified and available for download on

Our software engineers have been working with Irrational Games over the past two years to optimize BioShock Infinite for GeForce users and, as a result, these drivers offer game-changing performance increases of up to 41 percent.

Also, with a single click in GeForce Experience, gamers can optimize the image quality in BioShock Infinite and have it instantly tuned to the capability of their PC’s hardware.

GeForce 314.22 drivers also offer several other significant performance increases in other current games. For more details, refer to the release highlights on the driver download pages and read the GeForce driver article on

Enjoy the new GeForce Game Ready drivers and let us know what you think.

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  • Adam

    “Also, with a single click in GeForce Experience, gamers can optimize the image quality in BioShock Infinite and have it instantly tuned to the capability of their PC’s hardware.”I have a 660 and i have experience installed and bioshock will not show up on the list.

  • Nabil Fathi

    You should know that Bioshock Infinite use UE3 (kind a 3.5 with house features) so you don’t need to release a driver every time to support that type of games (the 314.21 and 314.22 based on KZ drivers thanks), you should add a profile for UE3 to support every features and execution of this one, you can start by teach yourself on UDK and add a render path (only make visible what you need and what is important to see, the background it’s just background doesn’t need to be calculated)

  • cmplieger

    I have the same issue, it does not show up!

  • Alec Iles

    Same here with my 670, everything is up to date, tried rebooting and scanning manually for game location. no joy 🙁

  • axel rivera velez

    downloaded the driver 2 times and it crashed my pc, I have GT 330M and and halfway through installing the driver the computer turned off, had to system restore and had to reinstall bioshock again, I’m not downloading this until they fix it. 

  • regretsecret


  • Vanillacide

    You bought the game on PC _and_ on a console? 

    Wow, you must really love Tomb Raider!